Welcome to my blog!

My motto is; “Don’t promote something you wouldn’t use yourself.”

It’s also common courtesy not to spam your fellow man, no one seems to like that.

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Who Am I

You’re probably wondering who I am. My name is Chris Marks that’s where “itschrisnotmark” came from. people call me mark sometimes and i’m like HEY! it’s Chris. Not Mark.

I’m an internet marketer and i love it! I get to promote companies online for profit, some are easier to promote than others.

At first I was skeptical about IM (Internet marketing) but my mind was blown away after I made my first sale totaling $225.40 AUD! I couldn’t believe it especially when the products i sold were to a man half way across the planet!

I always thought those people who say they make money online were full of shit but after experiencing it first hand it becomes hard to deny that it can’t be done. i was hanging clothes on the line when i made my first sale.

If you trust me i want to show you marketing software i use to make sales, collect leads and build ”Mini websites”. It’s basically a business in a box and it’s easy to use!

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