What is a solo ad and where can i find quality vendors

What are solo ads you may be asking yourself?

Solo ads are the fastest way to grow your list and generate revenue for your business.

If you are new to the IM (internet marketing) scene Solo ads are where you buy “clicks” or “emails” from other marketers, these vendors send your offer with a email swipe copy to their email list.

This could be and is the fastest way to grow your email list and get sales.

If you aren’t familiar with paid advertising and don’t know how to advertise your offer on social platforms or search engines, then solo ads are definitely something you need to grow your list or even get a few sales.

On this page I’m going to be explaining where you can find quality solo ad vendors at the most reasonable price.

If you know me you know I like to keep costs as low as possible, I’m probably the tightest marketer you will ever meet.

I find all of my solo ad vendors in one place at UDIMI, a website where all solo ad vendors hang out, you can purchase quality tier 1 clicks for as low as 30c!!!

With UDIMI you have the option to refer the platform, by using my link you will get $5 off your purchase so I suggest joining through my link.

If you decide to refer other marketers to the platform yourself you will get 15% off all future purchases for every person referred.

In addition you will get 25% off from all prime purchases, or 50% if you are a prime member yourself.

I highly suggest using UDIMI for all solo ad purchases as there are over 100 solo ad vendors to choose from with testimonials.

Why you should buy from solo ad vendors on UDIMI

  1. Over 100 solo ad vendors to choose from.
  2. Testimonials from real people who have already purchased from a vendor.
  3. Track the traffic in real time.
  4. Referral system that makes your next purchase cheaper.



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