The foundation- Internet marketing

So today i was talking to a friend of mine who really wants to become a marketer but doesn’t know where to start or what the next steps are.

So, i’m writing this for him but i hope it helps a few others too!!

Here’s your first step, keep in mind this is your foundation not an in depth description on each subject but may give you a broader perception into what you’ll need to do.

Don’t fear failure, embrace it!! How will you ever know if you can do something new if you never try and do it!

 1.Find a product to sell

He already know’s what his first product will be, he’s chosen to promote the super affiliate network and its products as an affiliate, the reason he’s decided to promote someone else’s products is because he doesn’t need to produce his own products only promote them and the compensation plan is reasonable.

As an affiliate marketer you are able to promote anything that may benefit your audience, you don’t have to promote just one product or service for just one company, you’ll find that most of the top marketers use and promote different services including their own.

2.Brand yourself- your business identity.

Ok so now that you know what your product is you need to think of what you will be known for, do you already have a brand name in mind? whether its a personal brand or company brand name, This is what people will identify you by and be able to find you through search engines and social media.

These three things should be kept in mind when building your brands image.

  • Who am i
  • What do i do
  • Who do i serve


3.Build a website

You should have a website, i suggest creating a wordpress account and have them as your web host, it’s super easy to operate, select from heaps of different themes and modify them to what your brand represents.

Sending traffic to your website via paid advertisements is the best way to scale your business via any search engine, plus if your SEO is good you’ll get more organic views through related tags and attractive descriptions on search engines.

Some marketers scale their business with Solo Ads solo ad vendors typically have a very responsive list of buyers, vendors contact their list with your offer for a fee.

 4.Have a social presence- any platform

Having a social presence is a must, you’ll use your presence on social media to sway traffic to your website or offers through your content by persuading either existing followers or new ones, paid advertising is also suggested on the social media platforms that you use, to either grow your following or gather leads etc.

5.Use an auto responder

If you don’t have a funnel to collect customer information (SAN has lead gen funnels), most email marketing services have forms that can be integrated with most platforms to collect customer information also known as a “lead”.

Once you have a following or an email list it will be much easier to communicate with existing or interested customers, thus making your business overhead cheaper not having to try to find new potential customers through paid advertising.

One of the ways to communicate with existing customers is with Email Marketing this should be considered a return on investment.

Building an email list of potential customers should always be considered a return on investment even when the initial investment is running at a loss, email marketing is a long term plan, its a potential for returning customers and is much more personal then having a following on social media.

You’re probably wondering why you should have an auto responder and an email list if you are an affiliate marketer, if the company you are partnered with has a new product or existing product/s you can email you’re list with a description of the offer you are presenting them with, as an affiliate marketer it is your job to persuade your following into buying the products or services.

It’s better to have repeat customers rather than having to find new ones.

6.Scale your business

Once you have your assets in place ‘website, social accounts, auto responder’ its time to scale your business, through paid advertisements, you should definitely make sure you are well satisfied with your website and social accounts before scaling your business.

I’m not going to go into depth about how to scale your business with paid advertising on this post but i may explain it on a different post in the future, so keep an eye out for a post referring to paid advertising, follow my blog to get notified of new posts, your email address will not be disclosed.

Side note,

Remember to always be building a relationship with your prospects, whether its on your website on social media or through email, show that you are human, solve problems, learn, teach, promote.

You are the only person held liable when you are running your own internet marketing business so you must be taking action, if you aren’t doing activities to grow and scale your business you will fail.

If you take action and keep consistent in your efforts you will learn new skills and you will get better at internet marketing, fail and fail again.


Building your audience- social media/website/email list etc

Engaging your audience- interact/help/communicate

Selling to your audience- provide your solution



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