{paid e-book} Solo Ad Success formula

This e-book is called Solo ad success formula it was created by the founder of the super affiliate network and is designed to help internet marketers get the most from solo ads.

The super affiliate network has only two e-books available for purchase, i have read both but will not reveal any in depth details here, each e-book cost $7 with a money back guarantee if you feel as though you learned nothing.



Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase this e-book from The super affiliate network.

Module 1: Quality Assurance

My Exact 8 Step Filtration System That Virtually Guarantees You Choose Profitable Solo Ad Vendors With Laser Like Precision Every-time.

Module 2: Conversion Amplifier

My Simple Yet Effective Paint By Numbers Formula For Writing Winning Solo Ad Copy That Pre-Qualifies Every Click You Send To Your Capture Page.

Module 3: Prospect Flow

Exactly How To Create Landing Pages That Convert At Over 40%, + A Done For You Template That’s Tested And Proven To Convert As High As 49%

Module 4: Optimization Influencer

Exactly How To Track Each Component Of Your Solo Ad Marketing So You Know Exactly Which Vendors Are Winners, And Which Ones Are Losers

Bonus 1: Offer Selection

How To Select An Offer That’s Virtually Guaranteed To Produce A Positive ROI With Your Solo Ad Marketing!

Bonus 4: My Top 20 Proven To Convert Vendors

I’m Going To Take 85% Of The Work Out Of The Equation In Finding Quality Vendors And Literally Give You My Top 20 Most Responsive Vendors



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