{review}The super affiliate network

What is The super affiliate network?

30 day Money back guarantee, start your $1 trial offer Today!

The super affiliate network is a global community of entrepreneurs scattered across the entire world, all with one common goal: to make a difference, do what they love and earn life transforming income.

The super affiliate network has two e-books available for purchase each only costing $7 with a money back guarantee, the first is Solo Ad Success formula {blog post} and the second is Internet marketing profit formula {blog post}

The super affiliate network has a 21 day boot camp for new marketers looking to improve or build an internet marketing business, it has an affiliate program with done for you funnels, they have two products for purchase which you can promote as an affiliate, it is a two tier program, as a basic member you’ll make 70% commission based on sales and 5% from your down lines signups.

The super affiliate network was established by its founder and CEO Misha Wilson, a humble entrepreneur who came into the Internet marketing scene at an early age.

I did a little bit of research on Misha and his company before first joining (I joined through an affiliate named Nicholas) Nicholas introduced me to the system a little over 5 months ago, I joined through Nicholas because I knew a little about Affiliate marketing already and by joining through Nicholas he would get a commission of my monthly payments.

I knew Nicholas had kids so it was only fair that I joined under him, besides he was the one to introduce me to the company.

(You should always join through an affiliate and not directly through the company, Affiliates have families they need to feed.)

So I did my research and then came back to Nicholas’ Instagram account and joined through his link.

I was actually surprised to what I had found on the inside, everything I thought I knew about Internet marketing had changed after the first few training videos, I remember thinking to myself “oh my god I’ve been lied to” everything I was learning from these “gurus” was utter bullshit.

And misha made sure that it was very clear that these gurus are lying to you, the reason being is so that if you are kept in overwhelm you’ll keep buying their products over and over again always chasing your tail trying to learn “the big secret”.

The truth is there is a secret in the Internet marketing world.

But I’m not going to share it with you on this blog post, you’ll have to learn it yourself through this system.

Anyway back to the super affiliate network, personally I like this system because of the overall help that is provided.

When I first started I couldn’t work out why they provide so much value, why not do what the other systems and gurus do.

Why not keep you stuck and spending money to learn the big secret.

And then I found out why, they’ll make more money from you and others by TRAINING YOU!!!

Yes you heard me correctly, they make more money by training you, how you might be asking?

It’s simple, by training you the more effective you will be at promoting the company thus making the company money and making money yourself.

By referring people to the company you are able to earn commissions from the sales generated, they get a new customer and you get rewarded.

It’s a win win situation!!

But unlike most greedy companies you take most of the profit, why?

Because they can already find their own clients for their company, so it’s only fair that you get fairly rewarded for the revenue you generate finding new customers.

Pretty good eh?

The system they have set up is almost ingenious.

You bring in the “leads” these are potential customers who have taken an interest in Internet marketing by entering their email into an already built funnel that you promote as an affiliate “partner”.

After they enter their details they are taken to a second page telling them more of the company “warming them up” for the opportunity they are about to be presented, if they don’t happen to take up the opportunity on the day they will be systematically sent follow up emails with a direct link (your link) to the sales page or an offer (your offer) until they purchase.

If they do happen to purchase, you are credited appropriately for the amount they joined for and the company only takes a small portion of the sign up.

And you’ll be credited “with money” every month that person is a member for.

So here’s an overall view of what you will get by joining the super affiliate network.

• One on one coaching- via Skype or Facebook

• Done for you funnels- to promote the company.

• Training modules- so you aren’t a complete dumbass when it comes to Internet marketing

• Follow up- the company follows up with your leads and promotes your offers for you (email marketing campaigns)

•Residual income- monthly payments for every member you zhave recruited or for every product you have sold

Overall this company is great for people who want to come into the Internet marketing scene, as it is newbie friendly and completely done for you to save you the hassle of having to learn how to build funnels or send follow up emails to your email list.

Feel free to do your own research on the company but please come back here and join through me.

The super affiliate network


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