What would you say to one thousand people within your sphere of influence

One of my pages on facebook has nearly reached 500 page likes, for some this is just a measly number but for me its a milestone. It wasn’t that long ago i had no likes.

This thought crossed my mind today “what would i say to one thousand followers”.


A while back i would have thought nothing, why would i want to influence people. But lately i think how can i engage and reach more people.

Everyone wants to send a message on social media whether its known or subliminal, from sharing quotes that express feelings or memes that share laughter.

Just some prefer to do it on a broader scale reaching more people and sharing with them a particular message. But why?

Because it can be done for monetary gaino. da mula. fat stack o’ cash son. and its legal so long as you pay your taxes and no one gets screwed over.

So now every time i think of “what would i tell one thousand people” i think. i will show them i am a legitimate business person with a sense of humor… And tell them i have products for sale.

Let me know what you would say to One thousand people in the comments! 🙂


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