Welcome to my blog!

My motto is; “Don’t promote something you wouldn’t use yourself.”

It’s also common courtesy not to spam your fellow man, no one seems to like that.

You’re probably wondering who I am. My name is Chris Marks that’s where “itschrisnotmark” came from. people call me mark sometimes and i’m like HEY! it’s Chris. Not Mark.

I promote companies both large and small for profit online. When I’m not working on my own projects or working my 9-5.

At first I was skeptical about IM (Internet marketing) but after my first sale totaling $225.40 AUD I knew I could do it especially when the product’s I sold were to a man half way across the planet.

What you’ll need to be an internet marketer:

  1. Data


What to expect from my blog!

  • Articles on email marketing and everything IM related
  • Maybe some weird stuff
  • Useful apps and websites
  • IM Top earner training videos + PDF downloads


Social Media Training


Learn how to write an E-book (Video + PDF download)

  • E-books create instant authority
  • Great way to generate leads
  • No copy writing skills needed

Create your first E-book today!

Want to learn how to sell products online? YES!

You’ll start with the basics, learning about social media and how to use it to your advantage. You’ll learn about funnels and how to leverage them to make sales and generate leads.

With this system you’ll be able to leverage digital sales funnels also referred to as products that have been created for you. Some of which are “High ticket” offers, products which you may promote generating commissions in the hundreds based on sale.

A low end commission product could be considered the basic membership. Each product is packed full of content and tools so you know you’re delivering value, products don’t have to be purchased to be sold.

Learn how to promote High/Low end digital products